Outplacement Career Solutions

Outplacement services: It’s just good business sense.

outplacement career solutions Grand Rapids MichiganChange is inevitable, but it doesn’t have to be painful. Amidst layoffs, corporate restructuring, and financial losses, two-thirds of companies offer outplacement services to assist employees’ transition into new jobs, according to a 2009 survey by the American Management Association. And it’s not just because it’s the right thing to do. It’s just good business.

Employers of choice want to

• Have former employees look toward their future instead of angrily back at their employer
• Protect and promote their reputations and brands
• Avoid a social media backlash
• Thwart potential lawsuits
• Reduce unemployment compensation costs
• Maintain good relationships between current and former employees
• Strengthen their commitment to their employees

Employees in transition want to

• Reduce their stress and frustration
• Quickly recover after a blow to their self-confidence and self-esteem
• Strategically aim for their future
• Develop a winning job search plan
• Find their next job quickly and efficiently


What makes us unique

Due to low overhead and little need for advertising, our fees are about half of what you would expect at many large outplacement firms. But even better is the quality of our services. Major complaints in the outplacement industry include too few career coaches serving too many people, non-individualized attention, and boilerplate services and advice. Well, we’ve listened. Our clients work one-on-one with their own career coach. We give them the time and attention they deserve. Then we custom craft the services they need and develop an individualized Career Transition Action Plan. Additionally, the outplacement hours they’re allotted can be used for more of what they truly need and less of what they don’t. Need more help with interviewing skills and less help with the resume? No problem. Plus, we don’t emphasize giving advice, unlike traditional outplacement firms. Rather, we coach former employees to come up with their own solutions, thereby empowering them to achieve their career goals with confidence and results.

Outplacement options

We strive to serve a large variety of organizations with a variety of needs, including small to medium size businesses. With that, we offer several options, which only differ in the amount of time given to former employees for outplacement services, and cost. Otherwise, all options include the following services customized into a Career Transition Action Plan as desired by the former employee:

• Coaching and strategic planning sessions to uncover obstacles and discover new opportunities
• Career, behavioral, and/or personality assessments
• Interview coaching
• Resume and cover letter review and development
• Linkedin profile development
• Training in job search strategies, including trends, networking, and best practices
• Career “assignments” to forward the progress
• Access to recruiters, if desired
• Free career resources and tools

How to Get Started

So if you’d like to protect and promote your brand and reputation while minimizing potential lawsuits and unemployment compensation costs while addressing the crucial needs of departing employees, contact us today. Our goal is to partner with you in being an employer of choice through good business practices that offer a return on investment.