Linkedin Profile Development

Linkedin: You need a presence.


Linkedin profile development Grand Rapids MichiganDid you know that most employers and recruiters look for you on Linkedin? In fact, a study conducted by Jobvite found that 94% of recruiters currently use or intend to use social media for recruiting. Nearly 40% of employers do, according to Careerbuilder, do. Your Linkedin profile is part of your brand. If you’re not there, or your presence is less than stellar, you’re not in the game.


The job search game

Yes, job searching and job opportunities are a game we all play. Are you playing by the rules? The main rule is based on this sales principle:

People need to Know, Like, and Trust you.

And one way they seek that is to find out more about you through Linkedin.

Think about Linkedin as being a complement to your resume. Yes, you need a resume. But your Linkedin profile will help potential employers and recruiters see more of your personality and style, as well as your interests that go beyond the work environment. A flavor of who you really are. And if you’re not there (on Linkedin), you’re not giving them what they need to know whether or not to ask you in for an interview. Or to hire you.

How we can help

Kimberly Gleason, a career and executive coach and author of over 80 leadership and career articles, has achieved the top 1% of all Linkedin profiles viewed. She can develop or revise your Linkedin profile to help you stand out, get noticed, get interviewed, and land the job you want.

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