Life and Career Group Programs

Why group coaching instead of individual coaching? Group coaching, whether for your career or your life goals, provides the best of both worlds. Through group coaching you receive these benefits:

  • Significant reduction in coaching costs
  • Support, energy, insight, and feedback from the group
  • Skills, new learning, and different perspectives to benefit you for a lifetime
  • Wisdom and life experiences from the group
  • Brainstorming and collaboration with others on a similar theme/topic
  • Attention from an experienced coach who wants your success
  • A program structure and process that gives you the accountability for the life you were designed to live

Click on the link for more information about the current group coaching programs I offer:

Exploring the Career Transition:  Achieve Satisfaction Meaning and Success:  Are you thinking about a new career or are you in the middle of a career transition? Do you wonder what else there is out there? Do you desire a career that is meaningful and satisfying—one that you’re passionate about? One where you can shine, use your strengths and talents, climb the ladder, and be even more successful? Do you want a career that contributes to your legacy? (Read more…)

“The Year of Living Adventurously”: Are you ready for the best, most exciting, growing, and memorable year of your life? If you challenged yourself to step outside your comfort zone in order to grow, live adventurously, and take your life to the next level, what would you do?” (Read more…)

“Discover Your Passions, Live Your Purpose, Leave Your Legacy:” Are you living a life of deep meaning and significance, in work and in life? Would you like to identify and live out your life’s purpose? Would you like to leave a powerful legacy, one of great impact? Would you like to live more intentionally and passionately? (Read more…)