Leadership and Corporate Retreats | Facilitation

Leadership and corporate retreats and facilitation services to inspire collaboration, camaraderie, creativity, innovation, passion, and renewed energy

  • Leadership retreats, team retreats Grand Rapids MichiganDoes your team need to get away to get creative and think outside the box in an environment that inspires collaboration?
  • Do your leaders need to be re-energized, re-invigorating their passion and dedication?
  • Would you benefit from focused time spent on issues such as mission, vision, values, strategies, tactics, communication, and sharing?
  • Is there conflict that needs to be resolved, or silos broken down?
  • Do you want to build trust, camaraderie and support for one another?

Top 10 reasons for scheduling a corporate or leadership retreat

  1. Aligning the team’s goals to the strategic vision and direction of the company
  2. Creating strategies and tactics to move forward
  3. Resolving conflict and building consensus
  4. Improving sales and profitability
  5. Breaking down company silos
  6. Becoming more proactive rather than reactive; focus not just on the urgent but the important
  7. Opening up lines of communication and contribution
  8. Developing ideas for new products, services, and markets
  9. Building trust, collaboration, and loyalty with one another and the business
  10. Demonstrating appreciation for the the team

Customized retreats: from planning to implementation

We create customized leadership retreats and team retreats, whether locally in Grand Rapids, Michigan, or outside the state. We can do as much or as little as you need, from planning to implementation. Depending on your business’s needs, we can

  • Design and facilitate events, activities, and/or workshops–either ours or yoursLeadership retreats, teambuilding Grand Rapids Michigan
  • Provide keynotes and breakout or panel session speakers
  • Facilitate meetings and strategic planning sessions
  • Set up the appropriate venue and food service
  • Provide individual and team coaching to capture learning and translate knowledge into action

Contact us today to find out more about creating a leadership retreat or teambuilding session that inspires and re-energizes your workforce.