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leadership development training in Grand Rapids MichiganIs your organization or group looking for a dynamic, interactive, participant-driven leadership development training? Training, along with coaching, is imperative for individual, team, and organizational growth. Training builds knowledge, practical skills, and leadership in your company. We don’t offer boiler plate leadership development programs. Rather, our trainings are customized for the specific needs of your business and are based on a diverse range of topics.

Trainings and Workshops that Enhance Leadership, Teamwork, Performance, Engagement, and Retention

Our leadership development trainings and programs include topics such as leadership skills, situational leadership, employee engagement and retention, effective communication, executive presence, generational differences, coaching skills, emotional intelligence, and more.

Empowerment Coaching Training

Most leaders know how to direct and give advice. But they often don’t know how to take a non-directive, collaborative approach to empowering people to take the initiative, take ownership, problem-solve, and discover and implement their own solutions. That’s coaching. Empowerment Coach Training teaches managers, directors, executives, front line supervisors, and other leaders the process and 12 skills of coaching. Leaders who coach increase employee collaboration, performance, engagement, and retention.

Strengths-Based Leadership: Leveraging the Best in Others

Based on the famous Strengthsfinder assessment, this workshop is aimed at individuals and entire teams. Participants will become more self-aware, identify their strengths, explore opportunities to leverage those strengths, gain a better understanding of how others’ are wired, and create strategies for collaboratively working together for optimal performance and results. Workshop includes assessment and all materials.

Faces of Change – Generations in the Workplace

In collaboration with one of our partners, Express Employment Professionals, this is one of the most popular trainings offered. Participants will take a closer look at the four generations of workers who are side-by-side in the workplace for the first time in history, and begin to look at the fifth generation that is emerging. This workshop will explore the characteristics and preferences of each group and the societal impact that shaped the generations. A generational assessment is available.

Purpose-Driven Leadership Training

In collaboration with Express Employment Professionals, this five week leadership training program is designed to help new and seasoned leaders bring out the best in the people they lead. Once a week, for five consecutive weeks, participants will attend a half-day workshop where they will learn techniques for building effective leadership skills. Learning activities and group discussions will be a big part of each workshop, as well as weekly homework assignments to further develop the skills and techniques learned during each session. SESSION 1: Leadership Essentials – It all begins with TRUST. SESSION 2: Know Thyself – The more you know, the more you GROW. SESSION 3: Situational Leadership – One style does not fit all. SESSION 4: Communication and Coaching – The Dynamic Duo. SESSION 5: Cultural Awareness – Put your global glasses on. All assessment tools, books, and participant workbooks are included.

Emotional Intelligence. What’s Your EQ?

Emotional intelligence is at the core of every human encounter whether personal or in business. A training offered in partnership with Express Employment Professionals, you will learn how to move yourself from mediocrity to excellence through awareness and regulation of your own emotions, recognition of others’ emotions, and managing interpersonal relationships. High emotional intelligence in the workplace is said to be one of the top indicators of employee engagement, effective leadership and a successful job path.  An assessment and strategic action plan are used to help increase emotional intelligence.

Situational Leadership

Leadership guru, Ken Blanchard along with author Paul Hersey, developed one of the most effective leadership theories that show most successful leaders are those who flex their leadership style to the competence and commitment (motivation and confidence) level of an individual or a group they are attempting to lead or influence. In a training delivered through a partnership with Express Employment Professionals, leaders and their teams will gain a new language that facilitates stronger and more focused communication and lessens the personal “drama” that can accompany challenges in tasks and goals.

The Adventurous Leader: How to Inspire, Engage, and Retain 

Most leaders aren’t born. They simply learn and practice the leadership principles that are critical to be successful and effective. In this interactive workshop, participants will learn 7 key adventurous leadership principles, identify which principles can help them overcome their career challenges, and discover what they need to do in order to achieve maximum success as a leader in their career or business.

Other workshops

  • Executive Presence
  • Picking up the Pieces:  Tools for Navigating Change
  • Teetering off the Balance Beam: The Ever-Elusive Work-Life Balance
  • Work with Passion, Purpose, and Impact
  • 5 Steps for Decreasing Work-Related Stress

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“[Kimberly Gleason’s] presentation was power-packed as she combined hearing, seeing, and doing within the hour presentation. While providing an overall framework of fill-in-the-blank, she wove in a personal introspective exercise, peer-to-peer engagement and coaching, several object lessons, and concluded with a goals chart. The format engaged both the left- and right-sides of the brain and was amazingly affective in opening some avenues where we were “stuck”, whether consciously or unconsciously. I believe Kimberly has a talent and passion for getting to her client’s “whys” and partnering with them to define and plan a strategy for attaining that which is their “passion.” (Ruth Van Hoven, Women on the Move Inforum group leader, Michigan)

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