Bridging the gap from where you are to where you want to be


coaching and career services Grand Rapids MichiganYou’re motivated. You know what you want. And you want help getting there. Faster. More effectively. And we can help. Our career coaches have years of experience helping professionals just like you achieve their career goals. And our dozens of testimonials vouch for it. So whether you’re just getting started or you’re in the thick of it, we can help you. Some of our services include

Career coaching

Career coaching to help you expand and explore career and job opportunities, align your skills and experience with a career you love, understand the current job market, learn effective job search strategies, and find meaningful and fulfilling work. Find out more.

Executive and leadership coaching

Executive and leadership coaching for managers, directors, executives, business owners, and other leaders who want to do and be their best. Benefits include becoming more self-aware, leveraging your strengths, overcoming your weaknesses and obstacles, improving your performance, being more effective, communicating with clarity and impact, reducing your stress, building a higher performing team, improving time management, and reaching your potential. Find our more.

Resumes and cover letters

Effective resumes and cover letters employers will love. Our resumes will help you stand out from the rest, get noticed, and land the interview. Find out more.

Linkedin profile development and training

Most employers and recruiters go to Linkedin to find you. And if you’re not there, you lose! Linkedin profile development and training from an experienced career coach who has been in the top 1% of all profiles viewed. Find out more.

Interview coaching

Do you have any interviews on the horizon? Have you been turned down already? Our interview coaching program can help you not only get the job, but also negotiate for the job you want. And all in a safe and supportive environment. Small cost. Big benefits. Find out more.

Confidence and success

We work collaboratively with you to offer a fresh perspective, ideas to try, and coaching as needed. Your confidence will be boosted, and you’ll have what you need to be successful with your career goals. Contact us today to find out what’s right for you.