Leadership Group Programs

“Across corporate America, coaching sessions at many companies have become as routine for executives as budget forecasts and quota meetings.” (Investors Business Daily)

Leaders Aren’t Born. Leaders Are Developed.

How important are your leaders (CEOs, high potentials, managers, executives)?  The basics don’t cut it. Leaders and rising leaders want to feel valued and engaged. They need regular development and coaching to reach their highest potential. In fact, research supports that the number one thing executives want is not money but development and learning opportunities. And executive coaching targets just that. Executive leadership group coaching programs, whether in-house or off-site, offer the best of both worlds: one-on-one, customized coaching combined with the synergy harnessed within a group experience. But while there are other training and leadership programs available, our programs offer these distinct advantages:

Program Advantages

  • Many programs are led by professionals who have never had coach-specific training, let alone who are certified in coaching. Our programs are led by a coach trained through a school accredited by the world-renowned Internation Coach Federation–the umbrella organization for the coaching profession.
  • Our programs utilize coach-specific competencies as set forth by the International Coach Federation.
  • Most programs are formatted into half or full-day events. However, change only takes place over time and consistent efforts. Thus, our programs are offered in smaller chunks over a longer period of time, giving each participant time to implement real-life application.
  • Many programs do not offer one-on-one coaching in a group coaching program. Our programs are based on the understanding  that each individual is unique and needs one-on-one follow up to implement specific action steps and achieve sustainable results.
  • Our programs are rich in research-based content and are broken down into specific modules for learning.
  • Our programs offer more coaching sessions for the same cost of other organizations’ programs.
  • Coaching and leadership programs often allow for up to 35 participants. Our programs allow for the maximum of 8-10, depending on the program.
  • Though our company is based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, we will come to your location.

Current Executive Leadership Group Coaching Programs

The Year of Leading Adventurously Program

The Year of Leading Adventurously is part of LeaderPath Adventures, a group of leadership development and coaching programs. This unique, year-long advanced leadership development and group coaching program is for managers, leaders, and aspiring leaders who strive for excellence, significance, and adventure. Read more…

The Adventurous Leader As Coach: Inspire, Engage, and Succeed

Successful, vision-oriented leaders utilize specific competencies to drive results, engage their people and unleash their potential, and develop and retain top talent in a complex, ever-changing business landscape. The Adventurous Leader As Coach™ program, part of LeaderPath Adventures, is a unique 3-day hands-on, skill-building workshop and group coaching program that trains leaders how to engage, empower, and retain their people through coaching, thus driving performance and maximizing results. Read more…

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