7 Ideas to Enhance Your Leadership in 2014

by Kimberly on January 6, 2014

7 Ideas to Enhance Your Leadership in 2014We all know the power of leadership. Let alone through the media, we’ve witnessed that power in our own personal lives and careers, through the people we’ve encountered, or for some of us, through our very own actions. This post is for those who desire or who feel called to that great, delicate art of leadership. Here are seven ideas to help you lead and succeed in 2014.

  1. Listen to and consider others’ ideas and perspectives, even if they differ from yours. Especially when they differ. Not only do leaders stand to gain insight and learn something new, but also they demonstrate respect. Mutual respect goes a long way toward accomplishing a vision.
  2. Make a regular habit of showing your appreciation. For some, it might be helpful to carve out time weekly on the calendar to make a quick call, or write a short note of thanks.
  3. Leaders are not know-it-alls, though, unfortunately, we’ve all met some who have taken on this role. Determine to learn something new this year.
  4. Humble yourself before others. Admit you’re wrongdoings. Apologize for bad judgment. Acknowledge your lack of skills or knowledge. Besides, everyone knows about them anyway. And people love working alongside those who serve others with humility and grace.
  5. Allow your people to win and to shine. Leaders don’t hog the attention. They know that they don’t work for the company but for the people within the company. So shine the light on others. Give them the tools, resources, and praise they need to be winners.
  6. Engage and empower others. Utilize their strengths, talents, passions, and career goals to help them succeed in the workplace. Tap into their motivations and giftings, and you’ll tap into their potential.
  7. Be positive, even in the face of adversity. Often, it’s not whether something is “realistic” or not that a goal is accomplished. Sometimes, it’s through sheer vision, determination, perseverance, and attitude. No one wants to work with a negative, critical soul. But people warm up to a leader with spirit and optimism.

So how will you demonstrate leadership this year? What should I have added to the list? Put your comments in the box below. And please pass this post along if you found it helpful. Happy New Year!


5 Reasons Why We Get Stuck

by Kimberly on February 26, 2013

getting unstuckStuck.

It’s that dark swamp of icky-ness we sometimes fall into. It’s that sense of going nowhere, of not moving forward, of wasting our precious, precious time.


Stuck, sinking deeper and deeper into the abyss of paralysis.

There are several reasons why we get stuck:

  • Because we’re afraid
  • Because what we want doesn’t align with our values or beliefs
  • Because we only see one or two choices or possibilities instead of the gamut
  • Because we’re perfectionists and can’t see the perfect option or path
  • Because we insist on seeing the whole picture–the outcome–before taking a step forward

Where are you stuck? In a relationship with a colleague? With your spouse or child? Determining a leadership move? Taking a career path? Venturing into a new business opportunity?

And why?

Only when we define why we’re stuck and can visualize what it would look like on the other side can we gather the courage, identify the course of action, and move forward with purpose and clarity.

Are you ready to get out of the mud?

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P.S. I want to hear your ideas about how to get unstuck. Feel free to post them in the comment box below for our readers. Thanks!


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