13 More Easy Recognition Strategies for Home and Work

by Kimberly on December 11, 2012

In my last post, I listed 10 easy recognition strategies for leaders and colleagues in the workplace, and promised you some more. However, I thought it would be relevant and fun to list those that can be used at home as well. Here are great ideas to spread the love around.

Appreciation and Recognition at Home

  1. You call it mush. She calls it a casserole. Eat it anyway. And smile.
  2. He’s got unique admirable qualities–point them out.
  3. Want to be a a true servant leader? Wash your husband’s stinky feet. Even Jesus did this. (Once a year is enough.)
  4. Want to be a loving husband? Take over the chore she hates the most. (Once a year is not, I repeat, not enough.
  5. Give his wagging butt a little pat. Oh, you thought I meant your husband’s? No, the dog, silly.
  6. Call her on the phone for no real reason–just to show her you’re thinking about her.

Appreciation and Recognition at Work

  1. Give out awards for fastest staple-er, hands that fly across the keyboard the quickest, best deal closer, warmest smile, heartiest handshake, most authentic–you name it.
  2. Hold other more serious contests.
  3. Give him a biscuit. Oh, you thought I meant your colleague? No, I mean to the colleague’s dog, for those companies that let their employees bring their pets to work.
  4. Praise extraordinary workers in the company news bulletin or announcements.
  5. Chocolate. Need I say more?
  6. Oh, and did I already mention in my previous post about an afternoon off? Well, in case it didn’t sink it. Nike was right. Just do it. Talk about spreading the love around.
  7. Just say the words: Thank you. I appreciate you. You are what makes our company the success that it is.

Ahhhh. I’m feeling warm and cozy already.

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